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King Arthur Flour- Norwich, VT

In the rolling hills of Vermont, lies the home base for King Arthur Flour. They are a mecca for the ‘home baker’ selling a handful of  products such as flour commercially. Additionally they sell a number of speciality products you can only get within their catalog, or if you’re lucky enough, in their store. They strive to bring the best ingredients to bakers and believe strongly in education so that no matter what level you’re at, you can create delicious masterpieces at home.

It was on my way home from a recent trip to Vermont, that King Arthur Flour just ‘happened’ to be on the way. It would have been a shame not to visit! We walked in and if you can believe that rule to not go grocery shopping hungry, well this is the same thing- you shouldn’t go to the campus if you haven’t baked recently.

The site has a full kitchen supplying their newly renovated cafe area with delicious bits to enjoy or take home. Opposite that area is a schooling kitchen where classes take place. Then as you walk back through the cafe, you become inspired to create what has been put on display. All those elements lead you right into the store, which I think they did on purpose. Keep in mind, that every season when a new King Arthur Flour catalog comes in the mail, I excitedly bunny ear almost all the pages. I see inspiration everywhere, and new things I want to try. The store just brings all of that to life and a huge inability to say ‘NO’. It’s right there after all!

I spent quite a lot of time walking through each aisle, and then each shelf, ogling over everything. Buried within each section was new-to-me gadgets hidden within ingredients, and ingredients you never knew you could live without. It took a lot of self control to limit additions to my basket and  focus long enough before something new caught my eye. In many ways it humbled me because I found out how little I knew about certain baking processes such as pizza. Who knew about semolina flour and pizza dough flavor!

Wandering eventually lead us to the back corner of the store where they have demonstrations to  show you how to do stuff. It was really great having them showcase how to make a flaky crust- pat gently into place, never mush! The recipe given out during our demonstration was for a mini lemon tartlet which was flaky and quite delicious.  This later inspired my Perfect Pastry Flour purchase because of how easy it seemed to be for the ‘home baker’, which of course I fully intend to put to the test, but with my own twist.

Going to the store really brought forward what the catalog has to offer, and showcased who King Arthur Flour is. It allowed interactions with their knowledgable staff and enhancement over the 150 character descriptions of products found in their catalog. They represent every level of ‘home baker’ with inspiration to go above and beyond what you thought was possible.

If have any sort of passion for baking or cooking, I definitely encourage you to sign up to be on their mailing list which is chock full of amazing products you’ll ogle over, but with great recipes and inspiration too! I look forward to sharing with you in upcoming blog posts about all the goodies I picked up on this trip, it was a true pleasure to over spend and enjoy the expierience!

King Arthur Flour Campus

King Arthur Flour’s Cafe Ham and Croissant- Flaky and Delicious!

King Arthur Flour store signage

Playing at being ‘King Arthur’ Flour for a day

King Arthur Flour’s Kitchens

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