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Questions/Updates/General Gobbly Gook

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a number of updates just in case you’re part of my extended EYTO family as things  have been a little all over the place and a tad bit lacking as of late.

MA to MO

I’ve been in the process of a huge life changing event, moving from Massachusetts to Missouri. I’m working full time right up until the time I leave, packing in the evenings, and starting on a ton of new adventures all relating to food (more on this to come later). Needless to say, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write posts, most of all cook and share those experiences. Hopefully the holiday gadgets and gifts have been something to keep you busy whilst I get my stuff together in the interim. The big move happens on my birthday, December 8th, which is coming up super quick! I hope to then launch full force into lots of things and get back to some sense of normalcy. Even if the blog hasn’t had these crazy adventures and kitchen endeavors, I have been  keeping up on the Facebook page with all sorts of great ideas, news,  shenanigans and general tips.  Be sure you like the page and stay tuned for the most up to date information across the culinary universe.

My question for you and your friends to ponder over in the meantime is, how do you feel about me centering this blog on your questions and food topics you want investigated?  For example, the blog post on Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes was driven by a friend and colleague of mine who wanted a grain and gluten free cupcake that actually tasted good. Since then, I’ve had a lot of requests ranging from low glycemic dishes to molecular gastronomy to designing a menu for the holidays with specific interests in mind. I think if I were to take this approach, it could further knowledge on so many levels, both my own and yours. If you haven’t noticed yet, I research things to death so I can really understand what I’m doing and give people the tools to learn the process and execute it well.  I’ll still of course talk about my own randomness relating to events and what’s going on in my kitchen, but I think giving this blog more direction is just what it needs. Now it’s your turn  list your comments/questions/topics for me in the comments below, or you can email me at [email protected]!

That is all from me in the meantime, so please be patient and just write in so I know what to work on once I get settled.

To Full Plates and Eating Your Tarte Out,


P.S. Eat this, it’s insanely amazing.

Sweet Potato Pie Chocolate Tasting Bar from DeBrand Fine Chocolates.

Sweet Potato Pie Chocolate Tasting Bar from DeBrand Fine Chocolates.

Written by Tarte Chic

Author Kat Nielsen (formerly Kat Wojtylak) is a creative type with an immense love for food. She maintains a day job handling marketing and brand support to various companies while enjoying her evenings and weekends writing recipes and blogging all about her culinary experiences.

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