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Gadgets- Holiday Beverage Must Haves

Drinking is a big part of the holidays. Whether it’s spirits to lighten the stressful moods, or a cup of hot chocolate to warm the body after shoveling snow, there’s a lot of liquid refreshments to be had this time of year. This post was something I couldn’t wait to write as when I started looking up must-have gadgets for the new house, I couldn’t wait to share with all of you the amazing finds!

Photo courtesy of TheFancy.com

Advent calendars get an update this year with the Whiskey Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram. It may be a pricey gift, but isn’t it just the coolest thing ever for that hard to buy for man in your life?

Photo Courtesy of West Elm.

For those of us who love history, or maybe even the feel of retro decorum, the W + P Barwear Collection featured on West Elm is a perfect gift, or addition to your own bartending collection. All pieces are sold separately as the Jigger, Shaker, Retro Straws and Whiskey Stones, but offer a unique feel for drink service.

Photo courtesy of Spark Living

There’s nothing like brewing a hot pot of tea, and having to do it all over again after one cup. With this fun Campfire Tea Warmer from Spark Living, you can setup your teapot right on the table and have it maintain heat longer. You’ll also find that Teavana has a number of other various styles if the kitschy campfire motif doesn’t go with your decor. These “gadgets” also double up as table side s’mores fires for the kiddos.

Photo courtesy of theGreenHead.com

In an effort to be mister or missus fancy pants this holiday season, the Cuisine R Evolution Kit from Modernist Pantry could become your best friend. And, for those of us who want to challenge ourselves but want a sidekick of molecular gastronomy, this is your gift. With science and imagination, you can create alcoholic cocktails like none other, or you can create fun ways to present whip cream on hot chocolate or coffee.

Photo courtesy of TheFancy.com

The holidays also include families, and sometimes it’s hard to cater to the teens or young kiddos. Luckily the LED Flashing Drink Stirrers is a fun way to mix up (non-alcoholic) cocktail hour. Add ice and you get a beautiful optical illusion.

Photo courtesy of Popsci

I saw this handy Citrus Spritzer by Quirky in NYC last weekend, and was amazed at the possibilities. With this fancy gadget you’d be able to get a misting of fresh citrus juice alongside your favorite cosmopolitan, martini or even sangria. For the non-alcoholic types, this can also work well to brighten up sweeter fruit juices or plain ‘ol water.

Photo courtesy of Dean and Deluca

Hot Chocolate on a Stick courtesy of Dean and Deluca. Need I say more? This is a super fun and awesome gift to give and receive.  If you wanted to make it yourself, you could easily do that too,  but hands down this gift is original and for just about everyone on your list.

Photo courtesy of William Sonoma

Long spoons just don’t work as well when it comes to muddling fresh herbs and fruits for lemonade or mojitos. Why not go with the OXO Muddler from William Sonoma, as it’s just one of those items that you probably won’t purchase for yourself. Your foodie/bar-tending friend or guests will thank you when they can bring out the flavor of their own cocktail creations.

Photo courtesy of Bella Regalo

Tea time or coffee time can be made a bit more special when you lay out some specialty sugar cubes such as the Snowflake Shaped Sugar Cubes from Bella Regalo. I first saw about twenty different sugar variations to accompany tea and coffee whilst I was in London at the famed Harrod’s. You can also find decorated square sugar cubes if you surf the internet.  Regardless, you’ve got options in the form of sugar accompaniments.

Photo courtesy of TheFancy.com

I’ll admit, I geeked out a bit the first time I saw this and I’ll honestly say, the Big Heart Decanter by Etinne Meneau is not for everyone. It may not even be appropriate for your holiday party BUT the reason I’m including it is, that it may be for that person you can never find a good gift for. They may be a total science nerd but love wine, or they may have a slightly darker side, or if you can’t find anyone to give it to, I’ll send you my address.

Photo Courtesy of TheFancy.com

The Chemex Class Coffee Maker offered up by TheFancy.com, is super stylish and brews a mean cup of coffee.  It even comes highly recommended by one of the most amazing coffee brands (as far as I’m concerned) Illy. Not only a beautiful gift item, but also a great conversation starter when you’re able to present a perfectly brewed single origin coffee where you can taste every last nuance.

Photo Courtesy of TheFancy.com

For the scorpion bowl, bottomless margaritas or for kid-friendly fruit punch, the Colour Changing Drink Straws from TheFancy.com will provide a bright pop of color and excitement for any age.

Photo courtesy of TheFancy.com

For this year’s really big ticket item, why not go with the Wine Station which I first saw on TheFancy.com? It gives the wine connoisseur the perfect glass of wine every time. With temperature control and wine preservation technology, you can pair wine with food every night and not have to worry about open unfinished bottles.

Photo Courtesy of Creature Cups

As your guests are enjoying their coffee or hot chocolate, wouldn’t it be a great conversation starter to have something hidden at the bottom of their mug? Well the Creature Cups do just that. These fabulous mugs would make great gifts and can be used year round too, not to mention, they’re dishwasher safe.

Photo Courtesy of TheFancy.com

Lastly I’ll leave you with the super cool Rapid Beverage Chiller available on Amazon. If you forgot to put the white wine you’re serving with the holiday meal in the fridge the night before, or you just don’t have enough space, it’s the perfect gifty gadget! The brilliance of this gift is that it can chill a six pack of beer or soda in a minute, or a bottle of booze in six. If you have baby formula to heat up, it can do that too! All by bathing the items in a bath of ice or warm water that you provide. Makes taking care of unexpected guests painless on the hosting end!

Enjoy your holiday shopping for others, or the endless spoiling you’ll do for yourself!

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Author Kat Nielsen (formerly Kat Wojtylak) is a creative type with an immense love for food. She maintains a day job handling marketing and brand support to various companies while enjoying her evenings and weekends writing recipes and blogging all about her culinary experiences.

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