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Wegmans- The Pub

The Pub at Wegmans. Photo courtesy of The Artful Diner.

Wegmans. Not only is it a place to shop for groceries, eat off of a delicious buffet AND have a wide selection of takeout options, but it’s also a place to eat dinner or enjoy lunch at a special little restaurant called The Pub. It’s also my favorite place in the world. If you’ve been there and like food to any degree, you know why and will hear me rambling on for as long as I’m still kicking.

There are now currently 79 stores spanning from Virginia to Massachusetts with many more in the works, but The Pub restaurants can only be found in Pennsylvania at the Malvern, Collegeville and King of Prussia stores. Luckily one of my best friends lives right in the area, and whenever I find myself staying with her, we always hit up The Pub in Malvern.

The growler sign found at Wegmans’ The Pub. Photo courtesy of the Malvern Wegmans Flickr page.

The Pub menu features a wide variety of specialities all including great local ingredients, stuff only found at Wegmans and high quality ingredients that will spark every last taste bud. It’s a cozy setting within their Market Cafe area where you truly can have a unique dining experience. If you sit at the bar, the chefs are more than happy to tell you how they’re preparing everything, and what stuff they’re using so you can buy it all after your meal and take it home to do it all again. For the over 21 crowd, their fully stocked bar with fun cocktails and pairings helps you get the most of their meal. The Pub also features growlers of local brews to take home for later too.

One of the things I still cannot get over to this day is the fact that you do not tip your servers. It sounds crazy, but they used to put copies of this policy in with your check stating the fact that their employees were so well taken care of, that tips were not necessary or allowed to be accepted. This however has changed in at least one of their Pub locations, if not all since last year due to the fact customers made such a fuss about not being able to tip. The servers are always top notch, holding up to the great standards of every last Wegmans employee, who by the way, Fortune 500 always mentions year after year in their Best Places to Work list.

The menus at The Pub go along with seasonal ingredients and their latest issue of Menu magazine. Right now Menu magazine is focusing on Italian specialities, so on their menu they’re featuring dishes like Seafood Fra Diavolo which is poaches seafood in a tomato caper broth over linguini whose recipe is found in the magazine. Or yummies found on the menu such as, Speck and Buratta featuring smoked salumi, roasted mushrooms and peas, creamy buratta topped with truffle butter.

Speck and Buratta with smoked salumi, roasted mushrooms and peas with creamy buratta and topped with truffle butter.

We ended up just getting a bunch of appetizers as to try as much as we could as found on their regular menu. It was another memorable meal thanks to Wegmans. So if you’re in or around Philly, be sure to get your butt there, even if you just want a burger- you won’t be disappointed!

Fig, Gorgonzola and Prosciutto Naan Pizza from The Pub at Wegmans.

Zucchini Fries with horseradish cream sauce courtesy of The Pub at Wegmans.

Steamed Chesapeake Clams in garlic cheese butter broth from The Pub at Wegmans.

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