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Gadgets and Gifts – Unique and Wonderful Must Haves for 2014

Each year I wait in anxious anticipation to be able to share with you some awesome things to gift or give during the holiday season. It’s an appropriate time of year to focus on awesome gadgets and gift items, right? So be prepared as I swap out my weekly wrap up for the next few weeks and instead opt to ogle and ahh along side you at all things fanciful.

This week’s edition is focusing on truly unique and wonderful items galore. Share in the comments below which ones you can’t wait to give, or which ones you’ll be wish listing immediately. And if you have your own unique and wonderful finds, do share!


Oil Can Teapot

Who said tea time had to always be refined and proper? This year, bring elements of the tin man to your tabletop with this completely hand crafted Oil Can Teapot. Retails for $159.00 from Uncommon Goods, cups sold separately.



Fans of the Nightmare Before Christmas can rejoice with elements of gift giving brought together with macabre food elements. Salt Made From Tears hails from one of my favorite and most unique English retailers, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. Retails for $41.00.



What did Wyatt Earp and other Western sharp shooters drink out of when they took a shot of whiskey? Probably something that looked like one of these Old West Copper Shot Glasses. Retails for $165.00 and is sold over at Bourbon and Boots.



Food grade ingredients can understandably make some of the best items to be consumed (duh), but their high quality can be unparalleled when used in beauty products. In a line dubbed, Breakfast For Your Face, the best ingredients come together to help leave skin looking amazing and you hungry for breakfast. Retails for $35.00 through Uncommon Goods.



Keeping true to the brand, Uncommon Goods, this kid friendly item offered up by them will surely stir up some fun memories and hopefully not too many messes. A Basketball Inspired Mug with Hoop built into the handle makes dunking marshmallows way more fun. Retails for $24.00.



‘It smells good enough to eat,’ is what you’ll be hearing with this line of Gourmet Chef Inspired Soaps from Uncommon Goods. Retails for $50.00.



While made to look stunning for whiskey aficionados, this Personalized Oak Barrel is more than a looker. Reflecting a smaller version of what a professional distillery may have on hand to age their spirits, these oak barrels work to impart that same flavor and depth. Pricing starts at $85.00 and goes up depending on size and whether or not you want the rum and whiskey making kits. A great gift item from Uncommon Goods.



Bowls only seem to vary so much when it comes to displaying candy and knick knacks, yet this Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag from Uncommon Goods is fun, contemporary and totally unique. Retails for $16.50.



Dubbed as a go-to wine glass, this set of Goto Venetian Wine Glasses from Uncommon Goods will become just that. Crafted to be utterly special in design, these handblown glasses will not stay on your shelves for long with their awesome personality and functionality. Retails for $330.00.



If cocktails are your fancy, then consider the Rainbow Hors d’Oeuvres Set from Uncommon Goods. An impressive way to serve up appetizers for the grab and mingle crowd. Retails for $44.00.



This utterly handsome Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand from Uncommon Goods is sure to stand the test of time and trials in your kitchen while bringing beautiful elements of old and new to your countertop with total functionality. Retails for $115.00.



An homage to the Steampunk trend which bridges Victorian style with mechanical finesse, this Steampunk Pepper Mill is a one of a kind item for display and use in your kitchen. Retails for $98.00 from Uncommon Goods.


Stay tuned for next’s week’s mashup, and of course wishing you all the best to come in the upcoming holiday season and start to 2015….just a few weeks away!!!

To full plates and eating your tarte out.

Written by Tarte Chic

Author Kat Nielsen (formerly Kat Wojtylak) is a creative type with an immense love for food. She maintains a day job handling marketing and brand support to various companies while enjoying her evenings and weekends writing recipes and blogging all about her culinary experiences.

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