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Main Streets Market and Cafe

Main Streets Cafe

Outside view of the Main Streets Market and Cafe. Photo courtesy of the Main Streets Cafe Facebook page.

This little gem is not far from my house in Concord, MA. Each and every time we have remembered to go there, we have the absolute best time. What makes it so memorable is the quaint atmosphere, the great group of people that always manage to show up, and most importantly, the food. They also bring in musicians for dinner performances Tuesday-Saturday. Wednesday nights are my favorite as they’re the open mic night and always bring the most talented people out of the wood works. So when that rainy day has you down, don’t fret, the perfect evening awaits.

Open Mic night at the Main Streets Market and Cafe brings out a new bass made from materials found at home. Wow, just wow.

Mom and I headed over there for dinner when she was in town. I specifically wanted to take her out for the music that they featured. When I was little, my mom always used to treat me to a night out to listen to jazz at Zuzon’s in Buffalo, NY. Typically it was on Wednesday evenings (a school night for me) and I always got treated to their Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sundae.  It was a special tradition that mom and I shared, music and food.

To get in on a night where there will be a live band, a reservation is always preferred. Main Streets Cafe is quaint, meaning it’s a pretty small place. The front of the cafe is where you’d make reservations for as to enjoy the band and be where all the best action was. It also happens to host some of the more genuine characters and locals. Mom and I happened upon a gentlemen sitting next to us that was a dancing escort for single or widowed women. We truly had some fascinating conversations with him, but never quite figured out what exactly it is he does. For reasons relating to privacy I didn’t scan his business card, but all I have to say is that it was uber cute and great for a laugh.

Cornbread served with meals at the Main Streets Market and Cafe. Photo courtesy of Main Streets Cafe Facebook page.

Mom and I started with an appetizer of Steamed Mussels which was served in a white wine broth with tomatoes, onions, and parsley. Garlic bread was served in addition to it and gave us the means to soak up all the delicious broth.

Steamed Mussels at the Main Streets Market and Cafe

For dinner we were pretty stuffed so we opted to split their Corn and Spinach Risotto which was part of the specials that evening. I love corn and it just sounded way too good to pass up even though risotto is usually a failed attempt. Thank goodness this was not one of those cases! The rice still had a bite too it and the whole dish was beaming with bright clean flavors.

Corn and Spinach Risotto at the Main Streets Market and Cafe.

After dinner I sat back and watched in awe as the 40+ crowd got up and really got into having their night out. Dancing ensued and soon my mother was whisked away for some fun of her own. Never did I think we’d find such an amazing time, but I’m sure glad we were in the right place at the right moment.

Mom boogieing with her new dance partner.

Although we couldn’t fit any more food into our bellies, Main Streets Cafe always has a HUGE selection of desserts and when I say huge, I mean the Carrot Cake Slices are the size of a dinner plate. But I do encourage anyone around that area to stop on in and enjoy what will be an unforgettable and amazing evening.

Dancing at the Main Streets Market and Cafe

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