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The Great Boston Cupcake Crawl


South End Buttery

A great cupcake will entice you with pillowy soft frosting and a firm layer of cake, all expertly displayed in a compact package. A cupcake that truly transcends will be simply described and perfectly balanced in flavor. Never too sweet, the perfect cupcake will satiate you entirely after devouring the final bite. The last lick of the fingers removes all remaining evidence as the frosting coats your mouth and gives you one last note in the symphony of a beautiful cupcake.


Imagine being ignited by seven very distinct cupcakes in just this way. Not only do you get to experience and indulge in all of them on a tour of Boston, but you get to see, smell, and fully immerse yourself in vastly different neighborhoods, bakeries, and areas of Boston. This is The Great Cupcake Crawl of Boston.

Georgetown Cupcake

How a person eats a cupcake all depends on personal experience. It could be the swipe of frosting to jolt the body into awareness, reveling in the cake to come. Others will simply unwrap and bite down, the frosting coats the roof of the mouth and cake settles onto their tongue. Eat bite mixing the two components unfolding bursts of flavor. Then, there’s the individual who will halve the cake portion and place it atop the frosting. Each bite of cupcake becomes a perfectly balanced snapshot of the baker’s ideal creation.

Sweet Cupcakes

Flour Bakery

The Great Cupcake Crawl of Boston is a two mile walk through some of Boston’s most fantastic downtown areas. Spread over two and a half hours, the tour lends itself to a bit of history, and plenty of walking between each bite of cupcake. It’s a lovely way to not get overloaded all at once and get to savor some of Boston’s finest bakeries and shops. Great for a date, girls day out, or motherly outing, it’s an enjoyable way to learn and be fed at the same time.

Great Cupcake Crawl


South End Buttery


I’d love to know, how do you eat your cupcakes? What was the last cupcake you ate that stopped you in your tracks? Did it make you audibly moan in delicious bliss? Did you dare share it with anyone?

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