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Weekly Wrap Up- Coolest Pancakes Ever and Pumpkin Spice Gone Wrong

In my WWU (Weekly Wrap Up), I compile some of the latest trends in the food industry, breaking news and cool things of interest. It’s all about the baking, cooking and general shenanigans brought to you live from the world wide web.

Here’s this week’s lineup:

Shenanigans: When Pumpkin Spice Goes Too Far


Photo: Buzzfeed

This is a classic case of let’s not and say we did. We refused to see pumpkin spice Skittles as reality, although we did think about it. We certainly entertained thoughts of pumpkin spice Listerine strips, and then thought better of it. See all the wacky combinations we hope never see the light of day. Read more.


News: The Most Amazing Wedding Cake Ever





At Disney, all dreams come true…even that of the most epic wedding cake ever. Now integrating the technology of animation, your cake can become one of a kind and be a whole new world of amazement and wonder.  Read more.


Science: The Ideal Cookie

Photo: Tessa Arias/Handle the Heat

Photo: Tessa Arias/Handle the Heat

Achieving the iconic ‘chocolate chip cookie’ is no easy feat. Even the smallest of changes can have detrimental effects (even though they still taste amazing). Learn about the science behind the perfect specimen and what it takes to get there. Listen in.


Inspiration: The Coolest Pancakes!

Photo: ptgkbgte / Via imgur.com

Photo: ptgkbgte / Via imgur.com

Superstar dad makes these pancakes for his son on a regular basis. Channeling nature, cartoons and all things super cool, these pancakes are nothing short of awesome….until they’re slathered in butter and maple syrup, and half eaten. Read more.


Product: Bob Marley Inspired Ice Cream

Photo: Ben and Jerry's

Photo: Ben and Jerry’s

Satisfy My Bowl  takes advantage of great double entendre. According to the Ben and Jerry’s  website, the ice cream features a banana ice cream base loaded with caramel and cookie swirls. Plus, there are chocolate pieces in the shape of peace signs but no actual weed. Further complicating things is our ability to get it in the US. It does however sound delicious, maybe if we beg. Read more.


Tip: Using Your Salad Spinner for More Than Just Salad

Photo: The Kitchn

Photo: The Kitchn

A salad spinner is one of the most useful gadgets to have in the kitchen. BUT did you know that is can do more than spin leafy greens to dried crisped goodness? Try drying your pasta noodles out after cooking, or even remove seeds from your tomatoes. It can be your new best friend in the kitchen, you just have to let it happen. Learn more.


Info: Food Myths, Served

Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal / Eater

Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal / Eater

Put two food big wigs together and watch as food myths get busted out of the water, in some cases literally. Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax (a New York City bar in the Momofuku empire) and Harold McGee, an author who literally wrote the book on science and cooking — the definitive On Food & Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen, go to the extreme to debunk and educate in a Harvard lecture series. Learn more.

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Author Kat Nielsen (formerly Kat Wojtylak) is a creative type with an immense love for food. She maintains a day job handling marketing and brand support to various companies while enjoying her evenings and weekends writing recipes and blogging all about her culinary experiences.

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