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Weekly Wrap Up- Geeky Kitchen Gadgets & Chocolate Legos

In my WWU (Weekly Wrap Up), I compile some of the latest trends in the food industry, breaking news and cool things of interest. It’s all about the baking, cooking and general shenanigans brought to you live from the world wide web.

Here’s this week’s lineup:

Info: Foods to Never Buy Again


This list takes an interesting look at foods that harbor harmful pesticides or have WAY less expensive cousins, things you might not know or expect. You could save yourself a lot of cash, and ultimately your health by heeding some of these useful facts. It’s all just food for thought. Read more.


Product: Chocolate Legos

Photo: Akihiro Mizuuchi

Photo: Akihiro Mizuuchi

Forget “leggo my eggo,” these itty bitty chocolate Legos are fantastic and should never be ever given up! Read more.


News: Retro Dining Options Coming Back


Our favorite mainstream fifties diner, Johnny Rockets is trailing a new concept, drive thru movie theaters with full service dining. With new added features like a food truck, this is will be no regular trip to the movies. See what their plans for expansion are and what you can expect. Read more.


Gadgets: Sophisticated But Cool, Geeky Kitchen Gadgets

Photo: Fred Equal Measuring Cup

Photo: Fred Equal Measuring Cup

This is not your usual list of gadgets, oh no. This is where all other geeky kitchen gadgets get put to shame. How can you not love a measuring cup that gives you awesome scientific facts like 1/8 of a cup is the volume of a T-Rex brain? Totally cool, totally useful. Read more.


Tour: Modern Day Willy Wonka Factory

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

Photo: The Wall Street Journal

Thinking that a real life Wonka factory such as what we see in the movies usually would recipe for ludicrous. However, new pictures from a Shanghai chocolate factory are disturbingly close to what a modern day Wonka factory might look like. Read more.


App: The SideChef


It can be awfully frustrating to be cooking through a complex recipe, to have to stop what you’re doing midway through it to read the recipe again, and you probably mess something up in the process. Why can’t you just have a sous chef able to talk you through the steps so you can concentrate on your meal? Kickstarter- funded and happily approved by many happy supporters, it’s worth checking out so you have one less thing to worry about. Learn more.


Tip: Ten Invisible Items Every Kitchen Needs

Photo: The Kitchn

Photo: The Kitchn

You may think this is a trick title. In a few ways, it actually is. The main take away of this article is thinking about your kitchen as more than a place to house food. What makes it home, and what makes it the center of many families? Learn more.

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Author Kat Nielsen (formerly Kat Wojtylak) is a creative type with an immense love for food. She maintains a day job handling marketing and brand support to various companies while enjoying her evenings and weekends writing recipes and blogging all about her culinary experiences.

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